Toronto’s rock and roll heroes, Partycat, sit somewhere on the musical spectrum between riot-inducing hardcore and hooky-as-hell melodic rock.  Their spastic brand of mosh anthems has been making waves over the past year across North America. Having gained some serious … Continue reading

Wax Mannequin

Strange-folk phenomenon Wax Mannequin is well-travelled. He has crossed a wide range of terrain — both sonic and physical — this decade past. Through his catalogue of secretly renowned recordings and his riotous live performances at countless venues and festivals, … Continue reading

Wasted Potential

Bio: Born in the backrooms of London, ON – littered with pizza boxes and beer cans, OSAP loans and amp tubes is Wasted Potential. Made up of members from bands that no longer matter – but once held great promise … Continue reading

TV Freaks

TV “There’s no point (and probably no way) for us to explain to you what ‘punk’ means. It’s a complicated, subjective and largely antiquated term, so we shan’t go into cultural specifics here. Instead, consider this: Hamilton’s TV Freaks achieve … Continue reading


“Kirby is very intimate in his songwriting, exposing us to everything from his good times to his innermost pain.” – Story filled booms of folk-pop passion interwoven with hook filled melody. Fronting Burlington, Ontario prog-rock band ‘First Time Fallen’ … Continue reading