The Monarch Project

549121_298402293623064_1153218067_nThe Monarch Project can only be described as a vibrant wall of rock and roll. Originating from Hamilton, Ontario, this six piece group draws influences from the brit-rockers of both the 60’s and 90’s, as well as other genres. The Monarch Project was formed in January of 2012, originally as a four piece, and quickly hit the ground running with a busy performing schedule and the release of their debut 7” vinyl, “A Better Part of You/Desire” (Homegrown Records). An expansive year in 2013 found the group adding two more members as well as writing new material and honing their live performance. With a refined approach, the group returned to the studio in early 2014 to record tracks for their follow up 7” to be released later in the year.

 The Monarch Project is comprised of Jo Boudreau (Vocals/Guitar), Jose Batista (Guitar/Vocals), James Rea Girt (Bass), Wally London (Organ/Trumpet) and brothers Rob & Tom Nagy (Drums & Percussion respectively). With dozens of club and festival appearances under their belts, the group have found themselves sharing the stage with the likes of The Stanfields, The Wooden Sky, The Reason, and Sianspheric, to name a few.

 “Think of Oasis, Roger Waters and the Beatles spun thru a Billy Joe filter and you might start approaching the plain these guys are travelling on.”

 – Kevin Barber, Barber Shop Podcast

 “Songs like this need hooks and melody to make them stand out and Monarch Project brings ‘em both in bucketloads.” – The Ripple Effect, Music Blog

 Expect to discover a captivated and entertained audience after this group has hit the stage. The Monarch Project will continue to write and perform music that will connect with their fans, leaving them well satisfied and wanting more.

A Better Part Of You


 Troubled Mind



Adelleda’s sound can be summarized as a divergent and compelling force that in turn has since propagated after years of meticulous development and technical advancements.

The band has performed as direct support for many great artists including Bigwig, Belvedere, No Trigger, Death By Stereo, Chixdiggit, Useless ID, Mute, After The Fall and more!!

Chuck Coles


Chuck Coles was born a baby with fully functional limbs. He has a brain that developed to make songs but can’t quite figure out math without the help of a calculator. He is afraid to have sex because he can’t barely take care of his loved ones due to his selfish passion to play tunes, he has be known to be the best finger fucker in Ontario.

Chuck Coles

Them Thieves


Them Thieves is a Burlington, ON. based hardcore band. The band released their first disc ‘The Cabin’ in the summer of 2012. The band locked themselves in an old cabin on the outskirts of Quebec, ON. and independently recorded the album themselves for nine days.

Since then, Them Thieves have made their album free for download, released a music video for the single ‘Coughing Up Cobwebs’ and continue to play countless shows.

The band has won over numerous fans with their live performance and DIY attitude.

The band is currently in the studio working on their follow up to ‘The Cabin’.

Ballroom Babies

The Ballroom Babies-14

The intensity of a BallRoom Babies performance equates to the magic of a thousand symphonies colliding. The chemistry of the three brothers ignites instantly on stage as a result of a love for their trade and years of experience performing together. The result brings smiles to many who listen to their music or watch and feel their electricity on stage. The brothers have delivered a powerful new release containing 15 organic and innovative songs. Released in 2013 their new CD, Change to Silver, contains power driven riffs, dynamic harmonies and well crafted lyrics. The band is quickly gaining attention from those searching for a new sound






Twitter: @ballroombabies

Bombing Neverland

Bombing neverland

Bombing Neverland

Hailing from Burlington Ontario, Bombing Neverland, power-pop rock and roll act. The band consists of John Fielding –Vocals, Guitar, Mike Hanley- Vocals, Bass, Brad Sumak – Guitar, Vocals, Kurtis Brown Guitar, Vocals and Ricky Babiarz – Drums. The band are currently in the studio recording the follow up to the bands “ Gone Belltower” and are hoping to have the record out by winter on Young Heart Music. The music has taken a new direction for the band, while still focusing on the main fundamentals that made the band what they are. Look for new music by Bombing Neverland as well as tons of new shows.

The Killin’ Time Band


The Killin’ Time Band is a party band rooted in the love of music.

*”We never show up half–assed. If there are two people or 2000 people, we come to empty your fridge and shake your ass.”

“We never lose site of the fact that we are lucky. We get paid to play music which is what we would all be doing regardless for free in our basements. So you always have to keep the big picture in sight and forget about the pettiness. No matter what went on that day when we get on stage and the engine starts clicking; these are my best friends in the world” Brad Hails, member of KTB, says it best and is quickly echoed by another KTB member Jaret Koop “We do what we love and we love what we do.”

But while they love to party, KTB has also been committed to insuring that their revelry can also have a positive effect on the community. Whether it’s bed races to raise money for their local hospital, growing their moustaches for Movember benefiting Prostate Cancer Canada ( or even lending their services to the Make A Wish Foundation – the Killin’ Time Band’s parties are often charitable fundraisers. With the official release of “Three Day Weekend”, KTB’s catchy songs have been turning heads with radio play on all the local radio stations and over 100,000 views of their youtube channel

“This band has never been busier and shows no signs of slowing down, and again whether it be helping out a worthwhile cause or heading out to the cottage, we know our abilities and put them to good use every chance we get.”

“We all have the sickness,” chuckles Hails. “Playing music is the centre of our universe and the vibe that is created when the four or more of us get together and jam is addictive. People really pick up on the honesty of Killin’ Time.”

“I am not a rich man so instead of donating money I donate my time as often as I can,”confides Hails. “We aren’t looking to be the next big thing we are just doing the only thing we know how to do.”

They may not be looking to be the next big thing but with their infectious and entertaining live shows, a work ethic second to none and a charitable soul, The Killin’ Time Band is a great band that loves what they do and it shows.




Brandon Pascoa aka “Aitch” has truly found a voice of his own. This multi-instrumentalist, out of the box thinking, 15 year veteran of the Canadian independent music scene, has over 500 live shows under his belt, 2 albums, and is working on #3 as you read this. Aitch currently resides in Burlington Ontario Canada and is seeking representation.



Catapult – Hamilton, Ontario

An alternative/punk group combining the sounds of influences such as Foo Fighters, Jawbox, Weezer, The Jealous Sound and more. 


Matt Richmond, Greg Fisher, Mike Casarin, and Jamie Parkhill.