Toronto’s rock and roll heroes, Partycat, sit somewhere on the musical spectrum between riot-inducing hardcore and hooky-as-hell melodic rock.  Their spastic brand of mosh anthems has been making waves over the past year across North America.
Having gained some serious momentum since the release of their debut full length album, “9 Lives”, Partycat’s DIY ethics have earned them supporting slots for some of the biggest names in hardcore music such as: Every Time I Die, Protest the Hero, Stray From the Path, Norma Jean, and He Is Legend.
Pairing their catchy, chaotic tunes with a boisterous and intense live show, Partycat have without a doubt become one of the most talked about bands in the independent scene.  Currently wrapping up 2014 with year end mini-tour (“The Underdogs Tour”), Partycat have been spending the time off the road writing and perfecting their style to the next level.  Stay tuned for some new music from the gents of rock and roll in 2015.

Wax Mannequin

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Strange-folk phenomenon Wax Mannequin is well-travelled. He has crossed a wide range of terrain — both sonic and physical — this decade past. Through his catalogue of secretly renowned recordings and his riotous live performances at countless venues and festivals, Wax continues to bring his essential voice and vision to both sides of the Atlantic. His legend grows through word-of-mouth as his music is passed from hand-to-hand — his influence trickles down from the minds of wayward kindred souls, insidiously seeping into the poetic heart of this country.

Wasted Potential

Bio: Born in the backrooms of London, ON – littered with pizza boxes and beer cans, OSAP loans and amp tubes is Wasted Potential. Made up of members from bands that no longer matter – but once held great promise the very make up of the bands past gives light to the name – a reality so many musicians face – to put everything in and getting nothing back. But that may have changed with this group of seasoned local heroes, going against the grain of their very own name – as a powerhouse mix of attitude, talent and a live show that envelopes the audience into the fold of the angst-y anxiety ridden world of front man Danny Kidd – usually wasted, these guys are doing anything but wasting their potential.

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TV Freaks


“There’s no point (and probably no way) for us to explain to you what ‘punk’ means. It’s a complicated, subjective and largely antiquated term, so we shan’t go into cultural specifics here. Instead, consider this: Hamilton’s TV Freaks achieve something very special in the arena in which they work (whatever you wanna call it). They are exciting. And not just when they’re on stage expending their entire beings cathartically. Even their recordings are enthralling, blood-boiling. TV Freaks are an especially tenacious young Canadian band whose presence in any capacity is undeniably captivating.”




Rezentments are a 5­piece HC punk volume machine that have been busy gigging around the area

this past year. The band formerly known as meh re­vamped their line­up in early 2013, wrote an

entirely new set and recorded an 11 song cd. The members are punk veterans from bands dating

back to the late ’70’s/early ’80s like Slander, Hammer boiz, Problem Children and many

more…..yeah they’re old, but you’ll see the 50+ crowd singin’ and slammin’ along with the

teenagers in the pit at a Rezentments gig. They’ll remind you a bit of other classic Canadian punk

bands like SNFU, Dayglo’s, DOA or Subhumans with a fresh new twist and just a hint of metal.

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Kirby is very intimate in his songwriting, exposing us to everything
from his good times to his innermost pain.” –

Story filled booms of folk-pop passion interwoven with hook filled melody.

Fronting Burlington, Ontario prog-rock band ‘First Time Fallen’ for
several years Kirby released his first solo EP “Within These Walls” in
2007 before taking the figurative plunge with his next EP “The Good
Fight”, in 2008. Hitting the road for the first many solo tours across
Canada over the next five years and now with his new release ‘Into The
Dark’,  KIRBY is poised and ready for the next step. Displaying his
true passion, as he belts out emotional lyrics right from the bottom
of his heart, coupled with the diversity of both a driving rock strum
style and quiet thoughtful picking on the guitar, reminiscent of Nick
Drake, Ray Lamontange and Dallas Green.




Terra Lightfoot



“With her thoughtful, rustic, indie folk material, Terra Lightfoot, no relation to Gordon, makes an earthy debut. The Hamilton singer-songwriter’s voice is rich, malleable and melancholic; her material is grey-coloured, a shade of November.”
– The Globe and Mail

“Currently, it seems like there are only two types of Canadian singer-songwriters: those who strive to sound like Jeff Buckley and those who strive to sound like Leslie Feist. Terra Lightfoot has crafted a third, more interesting option: none of the above.”
– Exclaim! Magazine

Terra Lightfoot has just signed on with Sonic Unyon Recording Company to release her debut LP on vinyl and CD. Both formats were released formally on September 14th, 2011. Indie rock royalty, Frank Black opened the release show for her unannounced with his new duo Paley & Francis (with Reid Paley) as their third EVER live performance. She recently returned from her first foray overseas which saw her showcasing at MIDEM and opening shows for Whitehorse and The Megaphonic Thrift in the UK.

Lightfoot plays a complicated brand of folk-roots-rock. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful, following melodies that soar over incendiary chords. With roots in math rock and an addiction to blues pioneers like Robert Johnson and Leadbelly, her music fuses calculated riffs and rhythms with graceful melodies and a voice that leaves you breathless. She is a true songwriter who pens honest and vulnerable lyrics. She has a dynamic live show which can include a backing band with pedal steel and organ, electronic loops or a stripped down set with an acoustic guitar.

With a creation grant from the Ontario Arts Council in 2008 ($4000), Lightfoot began making her debut record on Toronto Island with acclaimed engineer Dale Morningstar in spring 2009. The album includes the boys from Huron on pedal steel, piano, organ, and bass along with Peter Hall from a Northern Chorus co-producing, playing drums, and singing. Alex McMaster from A Northern Chorus also guested on the record, playing cello.

Lightfoot has also recently taken on new projects, such as playing guitar and singing backups in Julie Fader’s solo project. As well, Lightfoot is a part of a country band called “The Dinner Belles”, who have garnered attention at CMJ in New York City, and online through a La Blogotheque video series, seen here:,5608

Currently playing with talented artists such as Great Lake Swimmers, White Horse, Julie Doiron and the Sadies, and having shared the stage with Sloan, Basia Bulat and Frank Black – Lightfoot feels quite accomplished. 2012 will see Lightfoot play a few festivals, release her second album and promote it across Canada, the US and the Europe.

Old Lady


Chris Bell has been writing songs since his high school years, which were spent growing up alongside his elder brother Mike (bass guitar) in the small Southern Ontario town of Dunnville through the early 90s. The brothers Bell went on to form chore., the alternative hard rock project that eventually released 3 albums on Hamilton’s own indie institution, Sonic Unyon Records. As chore. gigged incessantly throughout the Greater Hamilton area during the late 90s-early 00s, they built a dedicated local fanbase which was practically spearheaded by a young prodigious drummer named Nicholas Daleo. Daleo would go on to share the local stage with the Bells as his own dynamically aggressive band, Hoosier Poet, would provide direct support for chore. on numerous occasions. Through the ensuing years, their respective bands broke up, mutated into new projects, reunited, broke up again…marriages, mortgages, careers, and families were forged and formed…and now these 3 old friends have formed a practical new vehicle for Chris’ memorably sophisticated song writing. Having left the rock n roll dream of making it to the big show long behind, they now harbour the simpler expectations of having fun and medicating the music bug that continues to infect all three of their bloodstreams. This Old Lady just hopes you might drop in for a short visit to catch up on what she’s been up to…it’d be really nice to see you again.

Panama Red



Panama Red are an angst fueled, loud and high energy four piece hailing originally from Burlington, Ontario. After a recent lineup change, the band welcomes a new and evolved sound with flavors of punk rock, hip-hop and reggae. The group is set to release their new record early 2015 via DIY label “Steal! Records”. For more information and news on Panama Red, visit