The Dirty Nil


The Dirty Nil

For The Dirty Nil, the past three years have been a period of ceaseless, reckless action. Though the band formed in 2006, while they were still in high school, it wasn’t until the release of their first 7” in 2011 that they truly began to harness the propulsive, kinetic energy of their live shows. Since then, they have channeled this energy into three further 7”s, three lathe-cut 7”s, a 10” EP, a few cassette EP’s, and a handful of digital singles. Their dedication to short-form releases has helped foster their relentless creative output. Fractured pieces of rabid punk, feral garage rock, and uneasy pop hooks – assembled and reassembled.

Performing live, The Dirty Nil are an unhinged, destructive force. Kyle Fisher ferociously pummels his drums, while guitarist Luke Bentham and bassist Dave Nardi stretch their amp volumes past their breaking point. Bentham and Nardi’s vocals range between melodic and frantic, violent and—less violent, with a grin on their faces. Whether live or on record, theirs is a performance based on tension and cathartic release. Three friends unified by the common desire to create something vital, meaningful, and excruciatingly loud. The Dirty Nil play rock and roll – cause they couldn’t do a damn thing else if they tried.

Teenage Head

teenage head copy

One of the greatest Canadian bands of all time… HEAD’s THE BEST!

Hamilton, Ontario punk rock pioneers TEENAGE HEAD are still kicking it strong after more than 30 years. Brand new album TEENAGE HEAD WITH MARKY RAMONE is out now in Canada and the USA and is receiving rave reviews across the board, like this one from Rolling Stone:

ROLLING STONE REVIEW — 6/23/08 [David Fricke]

Fricke’s Picks: Marky Ramone With Teenage Head

On Teenage Head with Marky Ramone (Sonic Unyon), Canadian punks Teenage Head recut their best turn-of-the-Eighties songs with guest drummer Marky Ramone. It’s great fun if you know the original wax — “Let’s Shake,” “Picture My Face” and “You’re Tearin’ Me Apart” are among my top fuzz-pop singles of all time. If you don’t know it, you’ll want to get acquainted.

One of the greatest Canadian bands of all time… HEAD’s THE BEST!



Fucked Up are a punk band. They were a punk band when they started in Toronto more than a decade ago, and they’ve remained a punk band even as they’ve ascended to career heights that their younger selves never could’ve imagined. But how do you remain a punk band when you’re on magazine covers, or sharing stadium stages with the Foo Fighters? How do you stay true to your 15-year-old self when you’ve got a career to maintain, and families to support? Those are the questions that Fucked Up asks on Glass Boys. And they ask those questions in the form of a blazing, titanic, ultimately triumphant rock album. artist website


“Burly Calling” was a joke started by the Saint Alvia Cartel in 2007 to make money for tour support. The original concept was a “joke” tour across their home town of Burlington, Ontario from one of end of the city to another. This highly successful event took different shapes over the next few years bringing us to the current inception it is now.
BURLY CALLING has evolved itself into a showcase spanning over 3 days of some of Canada’s coolest & ground breaking artists. A 3 day party/pub crawl throughout Burlington’s Down Town bar scene. Littered with English pubs and hot spots alike, no rock-n-roll filled venue is farther than a stumble away at BURLY CALLING.