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Burly Calling is an expanding showcase of emerging talent which takes place over three days in Downtown, Burlington, Ontario, Canada. With multiple venues varying in size, “BC” provides concert goers a unique experience of seeing big ticket bands in intimate settings.


“Burly Calling” was a joke started by the Saint Alvia Cartel in 2007 to make money for tour support. The original concept was a “joke” tour across their home town of Burlington, Ontario from one of end of the city to another. This highly successful event took different shapes over the next few years bringing us to the current inception it is now.
BURLY CALLING has evolved itself into a showcase spanning over 3 days of some of Canada’s coolest & ground breaking artists. A 3 day party/pub crawl throughout Burlington’s Down Town bar scene. Littered with English pubs and hot spots alike, no rock-n-roll filled venue is farther than a stumble away at BURLY CALLING.